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Executive Chef & Owner

Homespun /ˈhəʊmspʌn/ adjective : Homemade, unpretentious, rustic

Unpretentious - from scratch to passion

Our unique fine-dining and culinary experience is the product of Matt’s undeniable love for hospitality and years of exposure to the industry. At just twelve years old, he was forced to waiter at his father’s restaurant to atone for burning down the family’s Wendy house. What started as punishment turned into passion, and he worked his way up until he was the manager. It became a dream of his to one day open his own restaurant, so he went off to Europe and later Asia to hone his knowledge in top-class western and eastern cooking as well as hospitality. He then returned home to South Africa and began spinning his dream into reality, using the many threads of his experiences, locally and abroad, to create Homespun by Matt.

A rustic and homely aesthetic 

By walking into Homespun, you will be welcomed by an immediate feeling of warmth and comfort, as if returning home after a long trip. The decor and furniture have been carefully chosen and crafted and assembled by Matt himself, with the help of his friends, to evoke a rustic and homely aesthetic.

Homemade food created with honesty

Our Asian-, European- and locally inspired dishes are created with the specific intention to awe the senses and transport you on a journey of undiscovered, delectable flavours. Everything on our menu is home-made using quality, local ingredients and, despite their uniqueness, all the dishes are thought up right here by Matt and his team - once again proving that we take our name seriously.


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